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    WIL-SAD proudly creates the history of Polish fruit-growing. As a result of our efforts, there are several, carefully selected, leading varieties of apples, which are also our key selling point.

    We think the apple should be a Polish national fruit. Our top specialty is selected early varieties such as Lobo, Delicatessen, Alwa, Cortland, available for only a few months a year and traditional varieties, including: Šampion, Jonagold, Ligol, Idared, Gala, Elise, Jonagored, Gloster, Mutsu, Golden Delicious, Red Jonaprince are available almost all year round.

    From the combination of Mazovian rain, light and fertile soil, warm wind, sunshine and above all, our experience produces healthy, refined and very tasty fruits, characterized by a sweet, acidity, crunchy crust, a multi-colored blush, juicy pulp And exquisite aroma.

    The IP Certificates (Integrated Production) and GlobalG.A.P., as well as the BRC system, also certified in the factory, are certified for our highest quality and safety.