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    The quality that we put at Wil-Sad firt of all obliges us to store only the highest quality fruits – of appropriate diameter, with a specific surface of blush, with appropriate internal parameters and without damage. Secondly, the length of the shelf life depends on the variety, fruit ripeness and storage conditions.

    When the apples are delivered to the company, the organoleptic quality control of the harvested fruit is carried out. Apples, which will be destined for long-term storage, are determined on the basis of the aforementioned parameters.
    Each crate with apples is labeled, which guarantees traceability:

    • Producer’s
    • Fruit orchard – accomodation
    • Varieties
    • Dates of harvest and delivery to the warehouse.

    Each batch of apples, after being shipped to the company, is either directed to direct sales or to the selected storage chambers (long-term, medium-term and short-term).

    The fruit provided by Wil-Sad keep fresh all year round. Such an opportunity gives us the technology of storage of apples, which we are constantly modernizing. We use ULO and DCA coolers, which allows us to select appropriate storage parameters (CO², O², temperature) for stored apples.