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    In the interest of the customer, we have invested in sorting technology, which ensures the preparation of the highest quality product. This is evidenced by the fact that the facility of the company has a fully automatic, modern sorting line with a capacity of 7 tons per hour. Sorting the apples is done in a non-contact way – this is guaranteed by aqueous unloading, a hydropower filling machine and a 26-channel water system that divides apples into certain categories. The fruits are sorted in size, weight, color and quality. To ensure traceability, the system automatically creates an encoded label that is then placed on the chest. The label contains information about the origin and type of goods. In addition, the system automatically generates a sorting report that contains data about the size and quality classification of the sorted apples. The sorting process also involves a forwarding chamber with a moving rack system. This compartment, which holds 500 tons of sorted apples, provides immediate response to the needs of the packaging department.