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    Success begins with the production of high quality fruit, as even the most up-to-date technologies will not improve the quality of apples after harvest.

    The company imposed an IP certification on all its shareholders, confirming the highest level of fruit production.

    • By analyzing the European and global trends, the market needs and the climatic conditions of our region, we are gradually making changes to apple plantings.
    • We update and disseminate lists of permitted in Integrated Plant Protection Products.
    • Each member of the group is obliged to maintain a register of used plant protection products.
    • We carry out laboratory tests on pesticide residues in the fruits we introduce to the market.
    • Each year, as part of the GLOBAL G.A.P. recertification, the holdings of our shareholders carry out audits carried out by an independent certification body.
    • We provide competent orchard consulting, technology and plant protection products.